Instructions for using a wiki

Wikispaces help guide
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Making a space

  1. Create an ad free wiki space for teachers:
  2. Management options exist in upper left hand corner under actions.
  3. Manage space (upper left corner) will give you options for managing space contents and space settings including how it looks.
  4. Space settings allow you to change privacy levels, managing members, and permissions.
  5. Click Members and Permissions to make your space Public, Protected or Private. You can also check the box next to Allow message posts from non-members if you want comments from nonmembers.

Creating a new page

To create a page and link to it at the same time:
  1. Click edit this page.
  2. Type in the name of the page.
  3. Highlight the text.
  4. Click the Insert link icon in the toolbar (left world icon).
  5. The pop up box will already default to creating a new wiki page with your highlighted words.
To create a new page you will link later:
  1. Click New Page (upper left hand corner) will allow you to name your new page.
  2. Type the name of the page.
  3. Clicking Create will create the new page (linked to your wiki) and open it for your editing.
  4. Type what you want to be on your page..
  5. Click Save.

Viewing recent changes

  1. Click Recent Changes (upper left hand corner) to view changes and members responsible of your wiki space.
  2. Click on Manage space, then List pages to check on revisions in a page and compare revisions.
  3. To protect pages, click List pages and then Lock page to block users from editing a specific page.

Editing pages

  1. To edit a page, open the page and click the Edit this Page button.
  2. Type what you want to add or make changes to existing content on the page.
  3. Click the Save button.

Altering your text/Special characters

  1. You can change the color, size of font, type of font, bold, etc.
  2. Use the insert special character icon (looks like a computer key) to insert mathematical symbols, fractions, other symbols and special characters for languages. Choose the character from the keypad that pops up.

Reverting to an earlier version

  1. Click on Manage space.
  2. Click on List pages.
  3. Choose the revisions (it will be a number) beside the page you want.
  4. Choose the appropriate revision and choose revert to this version at the top of the page.
  5. Click the Revert button.

Leaving comments

  1. Be on the page you want to comment on. Click the Discussion tab at the top of the page.
  2. Type a short title in the Subject field. Be sure it is descriptive enough for others to open.
  3. Type your comment text in the Message field.
  4. Click Post.

Replying to a message

  1. Find the appropriate page. Click the Discussion tab to see existing messages.
  2. Click on the subject of the message you wish to view.
  3. Below all replies is a new message box with the subject line already entered.
  4. Type your comment in the Message field.
  5. Click Post.

Embedding an object

  1. You can upload a file (PDF, word), image, etc.
  2. Click Edit page, click on the Insert images and files icon (green tree) in the toolbar. Make sure you click the spot on the page you want the item to appear.
  3. Click Browse button and find the file on your computer. Click Upload. The file appears as a thumbnail image. Double click on it to place onto your page.

Embedding videos and widgets

(surveys, voki, photo slideshows, scribd documents...)
  1. Find the item you want to embed on your wiki. Look for the "Embed code".
  2. If using You Tube or Slideshare, you can click the word "Customize" to remove other videos and slides showing up when the one you are using is done.
  3. In the embed options, choose "do not show related videos."
  4. Click on the embed code box to highlight the code.
  5. Copy the code (Edit -> copy or use shortcut).
  6. On your wiki, click Edit page.
  7. Be sure the cursor is at the place on the page you want the video or widget to appear.
  8. On the editing bar, click the widget button (it looks like a TV).
  9. Choose the type as well as the site you are using the embed code from. You can also use other html for most widgets from any site.
  10. Paste the copied embed code into the box (Edit ->Paste or use a shortcut) and click Save.
  11. Click Save on your page. You should see the widget.
  12. If you want to move it, edit the page and cut the media box you see and paste it in another area of your page.


check all revisions - click on the tab labeled "history" to view all the changes, times/dates of change, and the member that made the change. Compare two different revisions. To revert back to an old version, click on it and find "revert to this version" along the top.

Editing Navigation

Changes the left hand side that houses links. Click "edit navigation" at the bottom in order to change this set of links.



Can change these to receive RSS feeds of all changes to pages. These feeds are sent to your google reader or email automatically every time an edit is made.


Your profile

Change your picture, information, password, etc.

Requests to join wiki

Requests are sent to you by email as well as showing up on the top of your wiki page when you log in. You can approve or reject each person here.